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Our Promise to you: We will match our services specific to your unique vehicle and circumstance to protect your asset and preserve the value of your investment at an honest and fair cost.  

Specializing in Automotive, Motorcycle, RV, Marine & Power Sport Vehicles



Exterior Detailing

Auto, Motorcycle, RV, marine, powersports

Like anything else, you need to know what you're starting with to determine where you can go. Our result-proven process begins with a thorough inspection using modern-day technology to measure paint thickness and gloss units. Once our inspection is complete, we will present you with various options that best fit YOUR needs and budget, NOT what is easier or works best for us. Our detailing services are the foundation for outstanding results. We believe you need a solid foundation before you can build a masterpiece.  Our process has been developed and perfected over time.

Most detailers will use a two-bucket wash, which will reduce the risk of contamination and damage during the wash. However, there is still a chance that you can contaminate the paint surface once you start cleaning surface areas that are more prone to the exposure of road debris and embedded brake dust. This is why we use a third bucket for those areas that we KNOW can increase the risk of water contamination and cause paint damage.

To remove microscopic impurities of iron-containing chemicals, like brake dust, railroad dust and Industrial fall out, penetrate your paint. These particles create corrosive compounds that eat into your paint. This is where surface rust comes from!

We then perform the paint decontamination process utilizing a clay bar application to pull the remaining impurities from your glass and paint.

Another inspection and several measurements are collected to compare to the initial data collected at the time of inspection. Once that data is collected, we can begin the additional optional services.

Interior Detailing

Auto, RV, marine, powersports

Our basic interior detailing is included in EVERY purchase of our exterior packages. 

- including dash, vents, cup holders, console, door panels & pockets

Shampooing and deep cleaning packages are available and will be assessed at inspection.

Full interior ceramic protection is available.

Organic odor removal is available AND CHEMICAL FREE!!

paint protection film

How does PPF work? PPF is made up of a paint-safe adhesive layer, an Impact Absorbing Polyurethane that is a rubber-like material. This layer takes the hit from small objects such as rocks, salt & other road hazards and also allows UV rays to pass through the film to prevent uneven fading. The next layer is a hydrophobic layer that prevents hard water & acid rain spots and prevents the build-up of bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fall-out, dirt, oil, paint, and chemicals on the road. The final and super cool layer is the self-healing layer. The imperfections will disappear when heated up with a heat gun, hair dryer, sunshine, engine heat, or hot water. Simply PPF  is the best of the best. We cut kits specific to a vehicle right at our shop. No online pre-cut kits are used. After we install PPF, you will benefit by

PPF Application
PPF Application

Paint Correction  what is it           why do you need it

If you have ever run your vehicle through a tunnel car wash (automated) with brushes or cloth strips, you will need a degree of paint correction. Paint correction is the final step to restoring your vehicle's finish, increasing hydrophobic properties, and is highly recommended BEFORE applying a sealant. A correctly performed paint correction will rejuvenate your finish and increase the gloss of your paint.

Rejuvenate your finish and increase the gloss of your paint

Paint correction packages

Shine Bright

includes a one-step machine polish with your choice of sealant. We aim for a 50-65% defect removal with a gloss unit increase of  3.0+


includes two-step machine medium compound and polish with your choice of sealant. We aim for a 65-80% defect removal with a gloss unit increase of  5.0+

The Boss

package starts with spot wet sand to remove defects, a three-step, medium-heavy compound, followed by a polish and glaze. We aim for a 75-90% defect removal with a gloss unit increase of 7.0+

Death to Defects

package is an all-out war against your paint defects. We wet sand your entire vehicle! We then use a four-step machine compound, compound/polish, and polish finishing with a glaze. We aim for a 90+% defect removal with a gloss unit increase of 9.0+

Ceramic Coating

How does the ceramic coating we offer work?

The ceramic coating we offer creates an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork. You get a hard glossy shell that cannot be washed off like a wax or a sealant. The new clear coating is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. This incredible barrier of protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

The unique formula of Ceramic Protection locks in long-lasting beauty by keeping paint clean through its super slick properties – this new ceramic layer helps contaminants slide right off.  The result?  Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing care and maintenance.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic is the only chemically bonded sealant to protect your vehicle's finish from daily exposure to harmful elements. In addition, Ceramic provides long-lasting, even lifetime hydrophobic (water repellant) properties that increase the gloss of your paint.

- road salt, acid rain, water spots & bird droppings

Unlike conventional waxes and synthetic sealants that do not chemically bond to surfaces, they also break down and fail at temps above 90 degrees. Ceramic begins to break down at 1600 degrees. Yes, that's not a typo, 1600 degrees! This means, in addition to coating your paint, we can coat exhaust tips and exhaust systems on motorcycles or cars. Cool right? But think of what that means for your finish!

This level of ceramic is NOT available at retail stores and can ONLY be purchased and hand-applied by a certified installer.

Compared to generic waxes, sealants, and other knock-offs or "ceramic-based" at-home paint protection kits, they will NOT chemically bond to surfaces. Your time and money are literally washed away within a few months.

Getting to the point, why do you NEED Ceramic Coating?

You will need to wash, polish, and reseal your vehicle at least 4-5 times a year with a non-ceramic product. Depending on your vehicle you will spend on average, $2000-$4000 ANNUALLY!


Paintless dent removal

pdr 1 pdr 2

Accidents happen

At Buff Works, we know that accidents happen. Some are beyond our control and often we find our vehicle damaged days later by people in shopping plazas or parking lots.

Established in 2003, Our PDR Technician can handle all major types of dent repair including Door Dings, Creases, Hail Damage, and more. Our technician repairs all foreign and domestic autos, and motorcycles. Specializing in large dents, creases, and hail damage. When there’s a catastrophic hail event, our technician can personally staff a large crew of certified technicians to assist.

custom interior upgrades

Buff Works is excited to be an exclusive dealer and installer for Clazzio Seat Covers!

Clazzio offers a wide variety of customizable color options, materials, and embroidery for your ride. Whether you're looking for a unique custom and elegant look or upgrading your new or weathered cloth interior to a fresh leather combination, we literally have you covered. We can even add the heated seat option all while retaining your original OEM material!

This is yet another way that Buff Works can add value, durability and longevity to your vehicle! You can purchase directly from us and install it yourself, or we will install your brand new interior for you!.

As a bonus, Buff Works will ceramic coat your new covers we install at an exclusive discounted rate! Our coating will combat common spills and mishaps keeping those seats clean and UV protected.

Go to today to select your options and then contact us before you order. We can place the order for you!


Rob brings it full circle offering a full range of vehicle accessories. By fostering positive relationships with distributors, he has access to a wide range of accessories, even wheel, and tire packages!

The process is simple, after you find what you like online, give us a call with the name of the manufacturer, the model, and part # and he can usually save you a few buck$. Buff Works will process your payment and we can have your accessories shipped directly to your doorstep, or we can accept your order on your behalf.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Boat & RV Detailing

We love boating & camping, and as boaters & campers we know the challenges. We can service your RV and/or Boat (under 60') on our premises. Our location provides easy access and no stress drop off.

Most Marine Vessels and RVs are built from fiberglass and use a “gelcoat” to seal the surface. Gelcoat is much thicker than paint and is engineered to protect the underlying fiberglass as well as provide a smooth shiny appearance. The downside of gelcoat is, it is more likely to oxidize and turn chalky leaving a less than favorable appearance. Most detailers will simply buff the gelcoat. This is a temporary fix and the chalky appearance will return within 12-18 months.

Before any gelcoat correction can be performed, an inspection must be completed and a variety of measurements must be taken. Professional training and experience has taught Rob how to repair gelcoat finishes on RVs, Boats, and watercraft. Buffworks can resurrect your gelcoat finish. We are equipped and ready to make your RV or Boat shine like new for years to come!

Why Choose us?

Real deal detailing for ceramic coating and PPF. Rob educated me while working with my price point to achieve the perfect result. Being upstate I wanted my new car to shine but also be protected from the harsh weather we get. I was initially not a big fan of the PPF option from internet rumors I heard. Thanks to Rob I got educated on what was BEST FOR ME. I went with the hybrid impact package so my entire front of the car was PPF wrapped and the car was topped with a ceramic coat so I accomplished both of my needs, Show Room Finish & PROTECTION! I can’t even notice the PPF!! Don’t waste your time with other places, Buff Works is the real deal!
I Can’t say enough about the quality of work that Rob does. He is very detailed and will make sure it’s perfect. Brought my truck to him a year ago for a 6 year ceramic coating and truck came out amazing!!!. Just brought it back for the 1 year inspection and picked the truck up and looked brand new again. He knocks it out of the park every time. Very easy to talk to and will walk you through all the steps. Thanks again Rob for protecting and making my truck look new again. Appreciate all you do!👍🏻
How to restore a 13-year-old car to its original beauty? Rob is the answer... I've always wanted to do the paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2011 911 Porsche and had research local shops briefly. Then I met Rob by chance at a car show and left my car with him after discussing the various options. The result is amazing with a car looking like new. I also add the interior detailing done and so glad I did! Bringing my daily driver next I definitely recommend.
Rob and the team really hit it out of the park with my trailer. It was brand new but we knew he could make it shine and also add a layer of protection to my new investment. You can see your reflection now. It was dull from the factory and as you can see looks better than new! Top notch work and attention to detail. Would definitely recommend buff-works to anyone! Thanks guys!
This is the second car Rob has done for me and once again, completely knock it out of the park! Rob detailed, installed PPF and ceramic coating to keep her protected and looking good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rob! Nice knowing I can enjoy driving the car and not worry about the paint getting damaged from normal driving. Thanks Rob!!!!!

We are a family-owned and operated business, nestled in the beautiful Town of Greenville. We are faith-based in God and we love our country! We are car enthusiasts, boaters, and RV’ers, and we enjoy time with our family and friends!

Rob is a 1992 graduate of Hudson Valley Community College, where he studied autobody repair and refinishing.  He began to develop his knowledge, skills, and abilities, creating an arsenal of methods that he can choose from for each unique vehicle. Through professional education and experience in the automotive repair and refinishing industry, Rob has learned about hundreds of products and experimented with various methods to develop a flawless process that produces exceptional results. His passion for perfection, skill set, and use of top-quality products will give you a long lasting finish that is unbeatable. Rob has been providing professional paint correction services to local autobody shops and detailers, specializing in repairing and resurrecting OEM paint damage, removing scratches, and applying touch-ups. He is now offering his services directly to you for your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and power-sports vehicles!

Why Buff Works? You will get the highest level of workmanship developed from decades of professional education and experience at a fair cost. Our core principles are honesty, and integrity, with a personal "Passion for Perfection." Buff Works is recognized as a certified installer for System X Ceramic Coatings, an installer and dealer for Clazzio seat covers, and a member of the International Detailers Association. All our services, even our free estimates, and basic detailing, are reported by us directly to CARFAX. We take pride in our work and pride in your ride. We are an open book and have provided you with a lot of information on our site. Please take a look around and feel free to contact us!- All the best and God Bless!

Our Motto: Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord.

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